Ok, so I’m just getting started here…had a couple days trying to go through tutorial, so this will probably show up altogether with the other ones when my son links it to our website. So, I’ve got a picture of our album here successfully, but still don’t know how to wordwrap, so it keeps moving down as I type.

The purpose of our blog here, is to vent a little about the music business, and show how we, an unknown duo, develop and the steps we take.  Hopefully, it will help some other band be able to jump the hurdles we are jumping and give an interesting read.

I  don’t intend to limit it to that, but also to insights in our lives.

To be brief today…yesterday we got involved with a couple new things…We started this blog, which I have been putting off for years.  I was on  another blog, but it didn’t really work our for me, and WordPress actually is more user friendly and even makes its own web pages, which I think can be attached to our website which is : http://www.NightbloomMusic.com  .

The other thing we did was to get onto Google Music.  It cost $25, but they allow you to add as many songs as you want (that you have created) and sell to the Android and Google world, and you keep 70%.  Our album is already on itunes through our label, Tate Music Group, and the one I am in communication with isn’t sure we can add it to sites besides the sites they have put it on…which may not be fair since they put it in the wrong genre…more on that later.

But Google Music just started this week, except for their Beta version, and is simple to use…even adding demo versions, etc.  And we have written a lot more than that album, and keep writing. So, after the 24 to 48 hour waiting period, our page should be up there, and hopefully we’ll finish mastering some songs and put them up.

Why did I jump on this? Well, we have been considering doing the Reverb Nation, Tune Corp, and CD Baby Distribution…but this seemed to simple, accepts everything immediately, and I don’t want to miss jumping into the latest thing…so many things have passed us by.  That is the difference between my daughter’s generation and mine…they are quick to jump into things, and it goes viral.  I want to be that way….yet with some wisdom.

Marlene*** of Nightbloom