Are You Too Old to Make It? | DIY Musician. Wow, what an awesome article.  And just as much..the comments!! Sometimes I think I am getting too old, too sick, too frail…but I LIVE FOR MUSIC. And I am making a living at it, tho not as much as I need yet…

Still, Jasmine (my daughter) and I have gone from occasional gig to a regular gig! And the people cheer and talk to us. (She has, for the last year, played also as back-up for other young semi-famous performers.)  The thing is…after kids are grown, and with some wisdom, I  know I WANT to make music. ‘\

Some people never figure out what they want to do in life, no matter how they are promted. Then they give up and just “settle.”  All that talent gone to waste in the graveyard.

Yes, I get so discouraged..but while there is life, there is hope.

Marlene*** of Nightbloom